The farmhouse called Il Pozzo was purchased by Cappelli family in 1932 as part of the property Villa Caprera.

Abandoned by farmers after the war, was named by the ancient wells still functioning that guaranteed a secure resource to many displaced people found shelter here.. Only in the 70s, the first real renovation took place, as wanted by grandfather Egidio, He dedicated years to restoring the farm, cultivating the vines and the olive trees.

Thanks to the perseverance and passion of the sons Giorgio and Ruggero, in the 90's theazienda agricola Villa Caprera was born increasing over time the agricultural potential, until the latter's son, Marco, decided to enhance the historical ties of the Cappelli family to the Chianti region .

However, to be solely reliant on the wine and olive harvest is not viable so Marco and his wife Enrica , have restored the farmhouse to create a peaceful agriturismo , able to make you discover the beauty of the life of the past with the ease of modern life. Our goal is to make our guests experience real country life, Marco's inherited passion for this land and his environmental concerns have led him to incorporate the very latest ecotechnology during the farmhouse renovations, Il Pozzo is now a sensitive blend of rural Tuscan living with all the modern comforts we expect wherever we may travel, And so our story continues... The fourth generation Cappelli has a home on his great-grandfather's farm. The land, the vines and the olives will continue to be cared for. Our guests will be warmly welcomed and have the opportunity to witness the natural rhythm of the farm. .

since 1932